I believe passionately in the advantages of online education. In my role as a lecturer in the area of Ancient History and as Convener of Classics and Ancient History, 85% of my students were online distance students, and seven years of teaching provided a fantastic opportunity to explore online delivery and get an understanding of what worked, for both my students and myself.

During this time I became familiar with a number of learning management systems (such as WebCT, Blackboard, Sakai and Moodle) and used my understanding of platforms and delivery to become a recognised innovator in the digital teaching space. I also won numerous teaching awards based on student satisfaction and retention results in some of the discipline’s largest enrollment units.

I consider myself LMS agnostic and enjoy developing SCORM and Tin Can API (xAPI) compliant elearning. I relish the continued opportunity to inspire and educate even though I am not working at a tertiary institution at the moment.

In addition to online course creation I have spent a lot of time developing digital resources for my courses including 3D virtual reality digital imagery of artefacts so that my students have the ability to engage with the past in ways not possible before.

From the teaching side I have developed electronic rubrics to assist my markers and I in removing some of the subjectivity inherently involved in the marking process leading to more uniform outcomes for students. I also developed an, as close to paper based, e-marking system using an early tablet laptop with stylus and a custom xml word plugin to provide significant benefits to both academics grading papers and the students who received more detailed and consistent comments to help them improve.