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History through sound

Follow the link below for a interesting story on one use of the Open Data Kit and how it with a phone were used to create a soundscape of a wood shop in Ottawa.

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Google Earth and Ancient Rome in 3D

As many of you are already aware Google Earth already was an excellent resource for researchers, Continue reading “Google Earth and Ancient Rome in 3D”

Interactive Network Analysis and Data Visualization

Data visualisation can be a very powerful tool and can be put to excellent use within the humanities providing a new¬†way forward for some researchers. Continue reading “Interactive Network Analysis and Data Visualization”

Project Mosul: crowd sourcing reconstructions

Although the damage like that committed at Mosul by Isis should never have occurred in the first place Project¬†Mosul is a fantastic way to contribute to the maintenance/reconstruction of our shared cultural heritage by making use of modern technology and software. Continue reading “Project Mosul: crowd sourcing reconstructions”

3D modelling in courses

Hi all,

I haven’t posted since the initial post for this blog because I have been busy helping with the latest edition of some friends’ sourcebook on the Roman Republic and writing some encyclopedia entries for an upcoming Greek Warfare Encyclopedia but I thought I might write a brief update on my own work into some new course development. Continue reading “3D modelling in courses”

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